Zuckerberg: How to reduce the cost of Internet use 100 times?


Internet.org is Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and Samsung, Nokia and Qualcomm in August this year, co-sponsored by an organization that aims to help everyone around the world using the internet. Today, Internet.org posted a 3-minute video, the video Zuckerberg talked about his plans to achieve this goal.

  Zuckerberg said the global economy and the Internet dissemination of knowledge advantage is closely related. If everyone using the internet, then the whole society will benefit everyone of us have innovation. The organization hopes to reduce the cost and amount of data that are 10 times as a way to reduce the cost of the use of the Internet 100 times.

low cost


Zuckerberg is going to do to achieve this goal? He said the project will involve the following aspects of work: build infrastructure, without the need for more base stations in the case so that the signal can be transmitted over greater range; clean waves, more efficient use of space radio frequency band; increased cost and open source hardware and mobile phones.

  Consumption of large quantities of data in solving problems, Zuckerberg said that it can be cached information instead of the information each time you need to be re-search requests ways. In addition, better data compression technology is essential.

  Zuckerberg said: “In the beginning, I was able to create Facebook is because I was able to use the Internet as well as some of the basic tools needed if everyone around the world using the Internet and some of the necessary tools, then we Everyone will benefit from the additional tens of billions of people’s efforts to bring innovation and achievement. “

  Facebook expected, currently about 50 million people (about two-thirds of the world population) still can not use the Internet, so it is hoped, through their own efforts to make a worldwide knowledge can be better shared and disseminated.

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