Yahoo Updates My Yahoo homepage: more modern

yahooBeijing time on September 20 morning news, Yahoo Thursday released an updated My Yahoo home page, it looks more modern than the previous version of the feeling.

  Yahoo said the company has been on the desktop, mobile phones and Tablet PC Edition My Yahoo service has been updated, the introduction of a new design, saying it will make it easier for users organize and find favorite web content. In addition, the updated service also introduces a customizable home page that allows users to display e-mail, calendar, sports scoreboards, stock portfolios, weather, Flickr photos, and anything else.

  In addition, the updated My Yahoo home page also provides from Oscar de la Renta (Oscar De La Renta), Rachel Zoe (Rachel Zoe) and Janet Kaye (JenniKayne) and other famous designers and Empire of the Sun and Twenty One Pilots and other bands of the default theme. (Tang)

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