Win7 will re-take the “XP” Roads? Microsoft do not want to come back 12 years

windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system since last Oct. 26 launch date, there have been nearly a year, but due to its too avant-garde designs, such abandon traditional desktop users criticized such suffering, resulting in market share has been maintained at a position number, Microsoft hopes will officially come with Windows 8.1 to change this situation, but in Windows 7, Microsoft said on the issue of service is not the same as in conjunction with Windows XP as long as 12 years.

  As we all know, Microsoft’s April 8, 2014 to stop support for Windows XP, and this term is in fact exceeded Microsoft’s expectations, the reason why Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP delay is mainly due to the failure of the system Windows Vista, Microsoft to consolidate its position in the area on the desktop in order to gain more market share it had to make that choice.

  Now most people are guessing Given the current market share of Windows 8 system failure, Microsoft is likely to be taken, and Windows XP era of the same strategy, by extending the service period of Windows 7 to consolidate its market position. But this is obviously not Microsoft would expect, Microsoft internal meetings Thursday, Microsoft clearly related to deployment, and other means to allow enterprises to push through as quickly as possible to upgrade to Windows 8.1 system.

  Microsoft plans on January 13, 2015 to stop the support of Windows 7 mainstream services, retaining only bug fixes and security updates, and in January 14, 2020 completely stop all services, Windows 7 system is officially launched in November 2009 , this way, support for Microsoft Windows 7 for 10 years and two months, less than Windows XP. However, Microsoft Windows XP future whether to take the same measures as the delay of Windows 7 service period remains to be the test of time.

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