Under an Internet portal: WiFi sharing platform

REVIEW: According to reliable sources, Tencent has the WiFi sharing platform into a very important position, the entry point is through the micro-channel public number. After intensive exchanges with the author a number of people in the industry to talk about how this is an entrance.

Giants compete for users in the living room when the router market, another larger Internet portal began to emerge, and that is a wireless WiFi hotspots.

According to reliable sources, Tencent WiFi sharing platform has been put into a very important position, the entry point is through the micro-channel public number. After intensive exchanges with the author a number of people in the industry to talk about how this is an entrance.

One, is no stranger to wireless hotspots

Referred to public wireless hotspots, we are not unfamiliar, airports, coffee shops, hotels these places are very common. WiFi is a wireless internet hotspot to play in the final ring, and “moving scenes” access 3G / 4G mobile phone networks, free WiFi users demand faster speeds can have more scenarios.

The Government is also promoting universal free WiFi hotspots, such as during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have tried wireless city, free internet access in the park and other places. Recent popular wireless bus is another attempt. However, these problems have wireless hotspots are:

  1. the user experience is not good, a lot of public places cumbersome access operation, to be verbally ask for a password, but there are safety hazards.
  2. WiFi WiFi provided only by a strong association with the user occurs, the effect is the entrance, which is just pay attention.

Second, what do Tencent

According to a person close to Tencent speaking, Tencent do WiFi sharing platform, in a nutshell is, in a public place, you can log in through the micro-channel one-button access, and use free WiFi.

Specific implementations currently learned there are two kinds, one is, to provide a WiFi sharing micro-channel interface to the router manufacturer. Also introduced a corresponding micro-channel public number, user interfaces in support of the corresponding wireless network coverage areas and open public numbers, see around free to share out WiFi, a key election that can log on the Internet.

Another equally Tencent micro-channel based on providing an open WiFi sharing interface on its place of business in cloth supported router. Meanwhile the merchant to open a public number, the user can focus on the public number, you can access. Thus, the micro-channel will be connected to a key ring free WiFi, thus occupying the entrance.

Third, what is the flow Bank

It is reported that this program led by the Gao doing, has collaborated on a hardware vendor. Tencent router hardware itself is not cold, but wants to play the role of a platform.

This is where there is a flow concept of banks that businesses will use the same wireless router supports network interface shared out, like whether you are a coffee at Starbucks or different networks Costa, but can be used, these contributions come out of wireless hotspots, forming The so-called traffic banks.

Through an agreement, be it WiFi hotspots scattered to form a large network, Tencent Virtual WiFi will become this big network operators.

Fourth, what do the entrance?

Thinking when talking about the Internet, there is a core point is that after the sale of the product, the consumer should be just the beginning of the relationship between you and the consumer. In this regard we have a good understanding on the phone, via a wireless hotspot, you can make another traditional retail, however, can also have this follow-association.

For example, a dumpling shop, when a user in your spending here on the net, then through WiFi access, an interactive completed. Businesses will know your phone number or a micro-channel, QQ, microblogging. While hiding in the background of Tencent, then mastered the connection details countless businesses and consumers, with great imagination, such as mobile payment cut, applications and games distribution and so on.

Five other players in the field of vertical

WiFi hotspots on the dispute can be divided into four stages: 1, the traditional cloth WiFi network. 2, the simple entrance of the dispute, such as airport WiFi, pop a third party access to advertising . 3, O2O battle scenes, WiFi hotspot to share access to data control, and can become a connection point O2O, which is in fact the role of micro-POS products is the same. 4, the last big fight is based on data of the user data, and now talk about some premature.

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