U.S. PC products consumer satisfaction ranking: Apple first Samsung Lenovo bottom

img2013 U.S. consumer PC product satisfaction scoring position

September 18 news, the U.S. Consumer Satisfaction Index (American Customer Satisfaction Index, referred ACSI) website has announced the 2013 PC product satisfaction survey results, according to the data, Apple is higher than the industry average of “86” points topped the list, while Samsung and Lenovo are bottom.

  Above chart icon So, in 2013, the U.S. consumer PC product satisfaction score of 79 copies, compared to last year, down 1.3 percent; Apple PC products received a score of 86 points compared to last year, an increase of 1%; HP in second place, satisfaction score of 80 points, an increase of 1%; Dell ranked third, won 79 points, down 2%; Japan’s Toshiba and Acer in fourth, fifth, satisfaction score of 78 and 79; while including Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, including the PC brands are included in the “other”, satisfaction score of 76, down 5%.

  ACSI for 70,000 U.S. consumers conducted interview surveys. Consumers surveyed according to the following (the following figure) 10 basic evaluation criteria for the various types of PC brand for scoring. This 10 to evaluation criteria include: product size and visual art effects, hardware accessories, effects, pre-installed software effects, sound and video effects, crash frequency, etc.


Statistics based on 10 evaluation criteria

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