U.S. ITC ruled: HTC violated two Nokia mobile patents



The mobile phone industry M & A news headlines recently, but the mobile patent wars smoke, did not dissipate. September 23, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) against HTC (HTC) and Nokia mobile patent litigation made the preliminary ruling, ruled that HTC infringed two patents Nokia, but does not support the Nokia third patent infringement claims.

  ITC officials Pound (Thomas-Pender) will be the case this week, a result of a preliminary ruling, the ITC published to the official website. Allegedly, Nokia HTC infringed two patents altogether. The first is the elimination of noise in the radio signal, the second relating to patents dealing with different radio frequency signals.

  However, the judge did not support Nokia’s third patent infringement litigation, the patents and from the computer to transfer data related to mobile devices.

  This is just the preliminary results, ITC said that next year will be Jan. 23 to make the final determination.

  In the global mobile patent litigation “big melee”, the HTC and Nokia is one of a group of catch on the athletic opponent. Which, due to late into the industry, patent reserves less than giant HTC has become the company’s patent infringement prosecution objects.

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