Twitter redesigned profile page of the Web version of Twitter

Twitter has announced that it will be redesigned profile page of the Web version of Twitter. In the layout of the profile page the company has adopted this time, change the left side the position of the profile image that was in the center of the page, header image and profile image began to appear larger than the conventional.

twitter new look, twitter new designe, In addition, the ability to highlight tweet and retweet and reply, reaction was often, tweets to the corresponding larger than the others, and is displayed prominently. In addition, the display method of Tweets can also be displayed by selecting from any of the “tweet”, “reply the tweet” and “pictures / videos”. Other features to be displayed in fixed to the top of the Profile tweets arbitrary was also added. To do the fixing of the tweet, then click “is fixed to the profile page” from the sub-menu where you want to tweet that you selected “Other” button, is displayed. Cancellation of fixed is also a similar procedure. It should be noted that the new design has been applied only to existing users of some current, but they that are reflected in the pages of all users sequentially.

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