Touch version of Microsoft Office software will imply non-Microsoft platforms landing

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Earlier this year, Microsoft has admitted, is developing the touch version of Office software. In the Thursday meeting of the Microsoft Financial Analysis Conference (FAM), Microsoft officially confirmed, the touch version of Office will also visit non-Microsoft platforms.

  Touch version of Office core applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, this product was nicknamed Gemini. Microsoft officials said, Gemini will be sometime in 2014 landed the Windows platform.

  In FAM conference, Microsoft applications and services newly formed executive vice president of engineering Lu Qi (Qi Lu) hinted that Microsoft will launch more for non-Microsoft platforms touch version of Office software. “We are developing the core application of the touch version of Office,” Lu Qi said at the meeting, “We will bring these applications Windows devices, and at the appropriate time, to meet the Microsoft economic interests and to meet customer needs and values the way to the other devices. “

  Lu Qi within the meaning of the “Other Devices”, perhaps non-Windows devices. Lu Qi said that Microsoft launched in deciding which applications to which the device when the time will a number of factors into consideration. He said that Microsoft’s assessment of factors, including the interests of customers, the feasibility of providing high-quality user experience, as well as economic interests and so on.

  Currently, OneNote and Lync has landed iPad and Android devices, Skype and can also run on Android and iOS platforms. Also, derived from the Office 365 Office Mobile version can run on iPhone. Web version of the core Office applications, that Office Web Apps, you can run on multiple browsers and platforms, including iPad and Android tablets. Earlier there was news that Microsoft plans to launch in the fall of 2014 iPad version of Office software, but in the FAM conference, Lu Qi did not disclose the specific timetable.

  About the Office software, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner) Thursday said the General Assembly in FAM, cloud computing version of Office 365 software sales expected to reach $ 1.5 billion. In April of this year, Microsoft said sales of the software expected to be approximately $ 1 billion.

  Microsoft said that from software licensing to cloud computing service model transition very smooth, Office 365 is a typical example. With other software companies, Microsoft also hopes to transition to an ongoing software licensing and registration revenue-cloud computing model, and in this process to maintain sales growth. Adobe’s transition process was very smooth, Oracle and SAP have also taken the transition to the cloud computing model.

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