Top 20 Basic Blogging Tips 2013

Basic blogging tips for blogger or WordPress developer 2013

  1. Comment on or follow up on comments people leave you.
  2. Install an anti-spam plugin to minimize spammer. Trust me you will get spammed (as sad as it sounds).
  3. Put your social profiles on your blog.
  4. Have an rss feed so people can subscribe to your feed (I recommend feed burner)
  5. Keep an eye on OBL links going from your site. For instance, you can install a plugin that checks for broken links. (called “broken link” checker).
  6. Consider closing comments to your blog after 14, 21, 30 days.
  7. Take advantage of tools that allow you to automate task, so you can focus on your blog.
  8. Never insult someone on your blog.
  9. Make sure you choose a domain that fits what your blog is about and something you want to stick with.
  10. Remember to provide some interaction with your blog, whether it be polls, quizzes, contest 20 blogging tips
  11. Make sure your post are original and not some rehashed content.
  12. Schedule post ahead of time
  13. Allow people to guest post on your blog as long as they add value to your blog.
  14. use to find places where you can guest post to gain exposure to your blog.
  15. Use a premium blog theme with support incase something goes haywire. You will have support and they tend to look a lot better.
  16. Don’t worry if your blog isn’t a huge hit or your fail at it (at first). I have failed at 90% of stuff I tried in my life, but eventually you will find your way.
  17. Don’t write on your blog when you are angry or upset. This applies to replying to comments too.
  18. Participate on forums that are related to your blog.
  19. Write articles on article directories to gain exposure to your blog.
  20. Last but not least use YouTube to make videos for your blog.

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