To Know About Google Search tips & Tricks and Save Your Time

Google Search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, handling more than three billion searches each day. Today I am showing some important search tips to improve your search results and save lot of time.

Check the weather

Search weather followed by a  zip code or the name of any city in the world to get the current weather and forecast. Enter weather by itself to get the weather report for your current location.

Google Weather

Examine public data

Search demographic terms like population or unemployment rate, followed by a county, state or country, and you’ll get instant data about your chosen location it’s very simple first type population and then type location.

Google Population Search


Calculate anything

Enter any math equation into the search box and we’ll calculate your answer.

Calculate anything


Get number conversions

Convert any measurement — like miles to kilometers or ounces to liters — by typing in the number and unit of measurement.


To Know about your local Time

To see what time it is anywhere in the world, search time and the city or country.

Get time


Get currency conversions

Get current exchange rates by searching [currency 1] in [currency 2].

Get currency conversions

Don’t worry about cases

Search isn’t case sensitive. A search for in dia times is the same as a search for India Times.

Don't worry about cases



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