The new word in security: QR-stickers on cars Mercedes-Benz

QR-stickers on cars

The company Mercedes-Benz pays great attention to ensuring the safety of people who drive cars of its manufacture. And a new initiative that aims precisely this area is the introduction of QR-labels , which this year will be on all machines from this manufacturer.

QR-stickers on cars 2

It is unlikely that the creators of QR-codes thought that their invention would be so popular and prevalent as it is now. After matrix codes used in our time and in advertising and in fashion , and even when striking the very real money . A Mercedes-Benz has promised to start using them in the production of its vehicles. Starting this year, each car from Mercedes-Benz is equipped with two QR-stickers. By the owners of cars these innovations need not be, no special advantage when driving on them is not. However, much will change in the event of unforeseen situations.

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