The first notebook integrated Leap Motion was born

Leap Motion notebook


Just a year or two, touch screens have become standard in Windows 8 notebooks, began as a keyboard touch pad outside the auxiliary interaction. However, the addition of a new interaction seems to be quickly applied to human-computer interaction, at HP’s new Envy 17 Leap Motion SE super pole in, Leap Motion gesture control was first introduced laptops.

  Compared independent Leap Motion, integrated in the Envy 17 in Leap Motion small palm rest for about 70%, according to reports, this new module designed for embedding various mobile devices, and this enables the company to carry out the business simply break USB accessory manufacturer.

  The Verge got an Envy 17Leap Motion SE earlier version, after a period of experience, The Verge that HP should still continue to test the integration of this technology. First, Leap Motion slightly awkward position of the component, which is located in the top right of the touchpad, because Leap Motion sensor requires a specific distance sensor palms, so in the palm area of ​​freedom of movement is difficult to monitor the gestures. Ideally hands are floating in the top right of the notebook, and if so, the user at the keyboard, touchpad and Leap Motion of the conversion on special for the inconvenience.


  Should be mentioned that, once the Leap Motion Control ON, laptop battery consumption will very quickly end, HP provides a switch for the function shortcut keys.

  Envy notebook comes with Leap Motion’s App Store Airspace, also include suchSugar Rush , Dropchord and other common applications.

  For this integration Leap Motion Ultrabook, The Verge said that did not leave much impressed, but this technology allows users to save the installation of separate somatosensory equipment. Many users find that using Leap Motion greatest value lies in the coordination and traditional input methods.

  Leap Motion’s CEO Michael Buckwald think, 3D gestures just added a new human-computer interaction, rather than replace the existing keyboard or touchpad.

  Buckwald ideas for integrating this technology not only stay in a notebook. He said, Leap Motion has a new micro-sensors integrated in small tablet and Smartphone, which will become the company’s future pioneering focus area. He said that the automotive industry is also on the Leap Motion expressed interest in technology, the company will continue to explore 3D gestures in different areas of application.

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