Super APP – mobile browser market, new opportunities

From the functional unit to the smart machine, your phone is always in use application software What? In the author’s cell phone on the left and the UC mobile QQ browser, and exists because there is a demand, mobile QQ natural Needless to say, IM for many users are just, that mobile browsers do?Many of my friends are not optimistic about the future of mobile browsers, they think the Internet products in both the PC side and mobile terminal are presented with the intelligent, flat, convenient and direction of development of the situation, so it seems like the “middle page” The mobile browser is obviously to get rid of the tail will be history. But is it what? The answer is no. First, I will not speak now of which product is destined to be able to meet future needs of users, even in such a strong market micro-channel, it would not be able to get a ticket for future mobile Internet. Second, the mobile browser market in the future is not without, but it needs more opportunity and change. From the current market, above the APP on “super APP”, ie, the application of the new browser lighter ecological model, this is probably related to the future of mobile Internet portal of the dispute is the key.

We first look back, look at the current mobile browser market performance, according to iResearch latest release of mobile browser users about the size, frequency of use, duration of use of the three sets of data show that the second quarter of 2013, mobile browser user scale to maintain a slight growth, in June reached 170 million, the total monthly mobile browser users to maintain the frequency of use slight growth, in June reached 12.69 billion times per capita daily use 2.4 times the total monthly mobile browser users effective use time to maintain a slight growth, in June reached 600 million hours, the user scale growth of the user to use the time to grow.

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It can be seen from the mobile browser or from the crowd in terms of coverage in terms of user needs, are showing an upward trend, after all, from the current competition in the mobile Internet, the most important competition is the entrance of the dispute, and competition reflects the demand, the current Who is the most basic of entrance? I do not think that is the class of microblogging micro-channel and lateral carrier, in fact, I believe that the so-called BAT build a complete mobile terminal combination products also takes a long time, after all, is not the acquisition and digestion time is short, just a product of education and audience perfect function also takes time, so now one is not yet ripe for such carriers, and second, there is no stable support user habits, three is the service module and the current demand does not match, so it should be the basis of the entrance is still some of the more “special” and not more “full” full coverage expectations entrance, these products are now advocating the mobile Internet portal, I think a little bit ahead. I believe that the most current mobile terminal based on the product entrance end is still similar to the web browser and search engines, you can own property to complete the internal transformation and upgrading, but not too much in the trial of innovative products and services category , just as the search engines to address is the match between the user and the countless pages of problems to solve mobile browser is the mobile users with a myriad of web pages, including search engine bearer and reflect how the issue. In any case the demand for browsing the web is still a large part of the user’s current needs, but also as a web browser browsing the web side of the most important entrance to the needs of the mobile terminal also can pan, so there is still a great mobile browser can enhance the market space.

In addition, the phrase “special” Actually, there are many other mobile Internet portal, for example, seek O2O public comment and LBS services, such as to meet the demand for video Youku potatoes, such as various types of hand travel, so why say that mobile browsers with these entry competition will still have advantages? I think: First, open your mobile browser innate gene to provide users with tons of content support, this natural, a wide range of content carriers property is not available in the other entrance, and this “full” and the previously spoken “full” are not the same, because the browser’s Jiyinqiaqia solve the “full” and “special” contradiction lies, which is hosting a variety of content and services, natural carrier, the browser through its own properties and sprinkle beans achieve trickle soldiers into effect, so that their “full” capability are also reflected in its “special”, and with their “full” provides a more and more “specialized” services; two are on the property as a mobile application, mobile browsers can complete the “light application of” experience, light application is between between Web App and Native App is an application of mobile browser in the light of the application, just as the micro-channel of the public platform, is an open and convenient product experience in a mobile browser products can achieve many functions of APP, APP browser is no longer just a half OS, application of different types of self-updating content and services, mobile browser As the most complete set of front entrance to provide mobile Internet experience, as the product of intelligent in-depth, through a mobile browser to complete the entire mobile Internet needs are likely to achieve.

Secondly, from a technical perspective, based on the concept of super-APP browser light of Applied Ecology, can undoubtedly also bring more opportunities for the market, but also to meet the user’s needs and preferences. Because, as the best light applications support mobile browsers have a large number of users based on the browser kernel driver to achieve a variety of effects, open platform architecture and other advantages, these advantages especially in the current high-end models hindered the development of smart phones, low increasing trend end models will be particularly evident in the reaction. We can imagine thousand dollars less than many APP intelligent machines running in the background when there will be more cards, this is undoubtedly not satisfy this part of the audience of the user experience, and the browser’s new eco light application form can be the perfect solution to this problem. Of course, high-end mobile phone user groups, there is no need to reject such a convenience for users to bring their own experience and visual effect of the product, so this is the mobile browser market opportunity lies.

And from the current mobile browsers population coverage point of view, iResearch report Q2 mobile browser users are mainly concentrated in the age of 35, accounting for up to 80% of users undergraduate degree user-based, accounting for 56%; undergraduate degree or above accounted for 66% of the user, the user’s personal monthly income is mainly concentrated in the more than 3,000 yuan, accounting for 52%, belonging to middle and high income groups; users in the economically developed regions are concentrated, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other five provinces accounted for 42 percent users. From the age, education, income, region these four points of view, there is no doubt that these people in the current field of Internet users contribute a higher value, in terms of content or the willingness to pay for various products on the Internet are desirable snatch user base, so the mobile browser users have more ways for the development of the potential users, and this is one of the major mobile browsers advantage.

   In summary, the future of mobile Internet is diverse, it is likely there are many, the deep pockets of BAT may not be able to continue to dominate, no exaggeration to say this is really possible that the Internet domain of another reshuffle, who has the last laugh unknown. That is not necessarily the mobile browser market, but like I said before, it takes more to change, to adapt, to meet, a new browser ecological light applications or, more intelligent, facilitation of operation or, the user needs to be able to grasp grasp this changing market, I think it is more than a mobile browser is not obsolete, but promising!

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