Sony PS4 will be held in December this year in five Asian region on sale

Sony PS4


September 18, according to U.S. technology blog TNW reports, Sony’s correspondent conference held today announced that its next-generation game console PlayStation 4 will be held in December this year in five Asian countries and regions listed for sale, the Japanese market have to wait until next year.

Sony said, PS4 will be November 15 landed on the U.S. market, in the November 29 landing in Europe, and then in December landed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea and other Asian markets, while Japan’s players will need to wait until next year February 22 to buy PS4.

  Meanwhile, Sony also announced the PlayStation Vita TV will be on November 14 on sale in Japan next year, in February landed in other Asian markets, while another handheld device – the new PlayStation Vita will be in October this year on sale in Japan , then in November landed other Asian market.

  But now Sony has not yet announced the three devices above the price in Asia, currently PS4 in the U.S. retail price of $ 399 (about 2442 yuan), the United Kingdom area of ​​349 pounds (about 3412 yuan), other European region of 399 euros (about 3620 yuan); Vita TV in Japan, the retail price of 9480 yen (about 586 yuan); New PS Vita’s intended sale price of 18,980 yen (about 1173 yuan).

  Another reported that Sony chose to make this December PS4 landing Asian markets, may be its main competitors are willing to Microsoft plans to launch in 2014 Xbox One, which is planned landing Asian markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Korea and other countries and regions.

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