Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Round

Not so often unusual and seemingly incredible gadgets concepts are brought to life through the efforts of large companies. October 10th in Korea started selling Samsung Galaxy Round , fitted with a flexible display system with Roll Effect, with which you can just one touch to check the time, missed calls or battery.

Galaxy Round is equipped with 5.7 “Full HD Super AMOLED display, has a comfortable body thickness of 7.9 mm and offers unique management capabilities gadget. Thanks to the Roll Effect, you can check the alert by clicking on one of the curved sides of the smartphone in standby mode. Depending on the application running, curved screen provides a variety of possibilities: for example, scrolling images (technology Side Mirror) or switching tracks in the music player (Bounce UX) with a single touch. In addition, housing Round ergonomic and comfortable in the hand, despite its large size.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

Specifications of the new smartphone is almost no different from Galaxy Note 3 to go on sale a little earlier. It is equipped with all the same quad-core Snapdragon 800 quad core 2.3ghz, three gigabytes of RAM standard LPDDR3 and 32 gigabytes of flash memory. However, the battery capacity is 2800 mAh, which is 400 units less than in Note 3. gadget sale at a price of $ 1000 cell phone company SK Telecom.Date of commencement of sales and the cost of Galaxy Round in Russia is still unknown. Earlier we talked about the concept of mobile devices with OLED displays: Breathebook tablet , smartphone LG Paper Touch and hybrid wristwatch and smartphone Samsung Galaxy Gear – which, however, never saw the light.


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