Samsung Galaxy S4: now gold and platinum!

Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S4 and so is one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. A new modification of it all turns this smartphone into a work of art, jewelry , and use that for its intended purpose is shameful!

Gold and Platinum versions of Samsung Galaxy S4

Previously, the most expensive mobile phone fashion phone was considered a Vertu . Now the brand has lost its former popularity, and in its place comes the exclusive variations conventional serial devices.

An example of this can lead Samsung Galaxy S4, which, thanks to the efforts of GoldGenie turned into a piece of jewelry. Unlike devices Vertu, the technical component which caused ridicule even at the peak of popularity of the brand, the gold and platinum phones Samsung Galaxy S4 – it’s quite functional smart phones, over the filling does not differ from its standard model.

Gold and Platinum versions of Samsung Galaxy S4

However, the appearance of these devices gives a reason to compare them with jewelry. After all, every one of them is decorated with 24 carat (about 5 grams) of gold or platinum. In the performance of a conventional gold that option smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 is worth 2,600 U.S. dollars, rose gold – 2640 Platinum – 2680. Moreover, each such device is packaged in a a special box made ​​of mahogany, making it more common with jewelry, for example, a diamond necklace or pendants.

Gold and Platinum versions of Samsung Galaxy S4

Those who wish to purchase this combination of technical and jewelry components, should hurry up. After all, these mobile phones are based on Samsung Galaxy S4 produced in very limited quantities a few dozen copies. Beauty should not be too much! However, the site may also be purchased GoldGenie precious version of the iPhone 5 smartphone and tablet computer iPad.

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