Samsung Galaxy Gear – Watch and smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

In addition, the technique smarter than people are accustomed. But watch that can make calls, display information about the interlocutor, store numbers and monitor the health of the owner – it is definitely a scientific breakthrough.

We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Gear – «smart” watch that unless your shoelaces are not tied. The model is designed to replace smartphones already bored and start a new era of communications. And its very appearance – is the result of many years of struggle of the Korean manufacturer and the corporation Apple.

Do not give glory to the rest of Samsung Apple. Already in the production of smart phones has overtaken competitors, and still can not calm down. Another rematch – the presentation of “smart” watches Galaxy Gear, will be held September 4, 2013. Exactly one week before the submission of its Apple version of “smart” watches iWatch.

Detailed Features Samsung Galaxy Gear are kept secret. But the closer the “X hour”, the more information about the new product seeps into the network. According to intelligence reports, “smart” watch is equipped with dual-core Samsung Exynos 4212 1.5GHz, GPU ARM Mali-400 MP4, flexible AMOLED display 3 × 3 cm, 1 GB of RAM and a camera of 2 MP. Meanwhile ” smart watches “are going in the South Korean production, you can get a model Hyetis Crossbow with Camera 41 MP.

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