Panasonic 64.9 – truly panoramic camera

Panasonic 64.9

Panasonic 64.9

Many modern cameras have a feature that allows you to make panoramic images – it automatically stitches together multiple shots into one. But recently, the company Panasonic has introduced its new camera Panasonic 64:9 , which immediately removes the broadest possible picture.

Various companies have already produced a camera with multiple lenses that make a single shot. Among these devices, you can recall the panoramic camera-ball Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera or Camera Black & White Camera . But the most widely applicable and reasonable offer in this market recently introduced by Panasonic. Panasonic 64:9 The camera is equipped with four lenses at once, each of which is worth a certain angle. This allows the angle to maximize the frame to take pictures at four times the width photos with conventional cameras.

If conventional cameras is the standard aspect ratio of 16 to 9, but in the case of the Panasonic 64:9, it increases to 64 to 9 (hence the name devaysa). 
Camera Panasonic 64:9 can be done not only pictures of the size 64 to 9, but similar video with a resolution of 720p. And because the creators of this device expect that it will be used extensively in the protection of areas and sports. After all, it can help to be on the same screen to see everything that happens on the playing field or on an entire street near sensitive sites.

When shooting video cameras users to Panasonic 64:9 zoom feature will be available, which will zoom to the view from one of the four lenses, and even on-line tracking a particular object. This is an incredibly useful feature that is sure to appeal to those same coaches and sports functionaries. Moreover, the software that comes bundled with the camera Panasonic 64:9, can be installed on movable objects tags. They can be used, for example, to sign players to better understand who is who on the field.

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