Nokia stopping shipments of Symbian smartphones

Nokia stopping shipments of Symbian smartphones because, Symbian OS could not help it much to keep pace with innovations from Apple and Google. Following Apple’s 2007 entrance into smartphones, Google rolled out its open-source Android operating system, which has become the standard for smaller phone makers.


Nokia was once an undisputed leader in the mobile space, but it failed to keep pace with the changing times. It failed to offer compelling products and Apple and Google soon took over the lead. In a bid to make a comeback, the company decided to partner with Microsoft to build smartphones on Windows Phone platform.

Sales of smartphones with Microsoft Windows software have surpassed those using Nokia’s old Symbian system. The report says, “Nokia sold just 500,000 Symbian units in the first quarter of 2013, much less than the 5.6 million Windows-based Lumia phones.”

In the Indian mobile space, Nokia is also offering entry-level devices under the Asha series. The company has recently unveiled Asha 501, which the first phone under a revamped Asha platform. The company had indicated that this phone will start shipping from June 2013. However, in this space too the company is facing tough competition from local brands and is hoping to capture lost ground through its Asha range.

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