Nokia 105 – the world’s cheapest mobile phone

You’ve probably already forgotten what a phone that does not have a touch screen, but there is a key keyboard? Or that there are Cellphones that do not need to charge every day. And Nokia has decided to remind us of this by releasing a very unexpected budget model – Nokia 105 , the cheapest mobile phone in the world!


The Finnish company Nokia, of course, takes part in the technological and economic race between the major mobile phone manufacturers in the world, hoping in the very near future to regain lost the recent leadership position. Perhaps it will be because the operating system Windows Phone 8 , one of the main driving force of which is Nokia. However, the company expects to gain momentum, not only due to expensive smartphones, but also thanks to the most simple and inexpensive devices such as the Nokia 105, which was introduced the other day at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.


Nokia 105 – positioned as the cheapest mobile phone in the world. After all, it costs at retail will be only 15 euros. For the money the buyer will get a very simple device that can make and receive calls, send text messages, to work as a FM-radio, alarm clock and flashlight. pleasant addition to that a very limited set of features will be undemanding energy system, which can work on a full charging the battery up to 35 days.

Nokia Company assumes that the Nokia 105 will be the world’s most popular mobile phone for children and the elderly. He will also fly as a backup device, which can be used in case of any problems with the above.


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