Motorola online Designer phones – Moto Maker

Motorola online Designer phones - Moto Maker

Motorola online Designer phones – Moto Maker

The company Motorola has decided to allow customers to decide how their future will look like a mobile phone. To this end, it launchedan online service Moto Maker – an unusual designer , whose goal is to create a unique design for a smartphone .

Mobile phone manufacturers are of the opinion of Henry Ford that “the machine can be any color as long as it’s black.” And then it’s not so much a particular color and, of course, not in cars, and in the absence of any features in the choice of design and feature set in the machine. The vast majority of modern smartphones from different companies look and function like twin brothers. But the companyMotorola has decided to correct this situation. She launched an online service that allows customers to become designers of their own future mobile phones. It’s enough just to enter the site Moto Maker and in a few minutes to design their own smart phone, which looks exactly as you need.

Create your own design of mobile phone can be based smartphone Moto X – new products from Motorola, which is expected to become the flagship of the company for the next year. By entering a special code on the site Moto Maker, the user will get a dynamic tool that allows you to choose the color of the back cover, the front panel buttons of your device, as well as the shape of the rim of the lens built-in camera.

Moto Maker allows you to create a signature is not more than 20 characters, which will be applied to the mobile phone, choose the size of the permanent memory, the presence or lack of a headphone jack, Bluetooth-speakers and cover, as well as synchronize manufacturing level smartphone with Google-account user. course for each of these actions will need to pay separately. But it’s better than getting a ready-made kit from the manufacturer with a variety of completely unnecessary accessories.

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