Microsoft officially abandon WP7 version of Skype application

windows_phoneSince the advent of Windows Phone 8, the previous WP7 have been doomed the identity of its tragedy, but many WP developers began to shift from the WP7 platform WP8 platform. Today, Microsoft’s Skype team officially announced that it has decided to discontinue WP7 platform to continue to develop its communications software.

  The team said that through the official blog, WP7 version of Skype will stop research and development, and future research will focus on WP8 platform, but before the WP7 version of Skype application is still able to download from the WP store.

  The first non-beta version of WP platform Skype released in April 2012, but shortly thereafter, most of the WP application developers have emerged more mainstream WP8 platform. For Skype and other third-party application developers, WP8 platform Android, and although the ratio but iOS, WP7, but stronger than the doomed too.

  Skype team Bowen said, “WP8 platform has already accumulated a great deal of popularity, get a good momentum of development, Skype team will be launched on the platform more useful features and excellent user interface.”

  WP7 version of Skype is destined death, but the application has flourished on other platforms. Earlier this month, Microsoft has joined the other WP8 version of Skype platform version already supports video messaging capabilities. In addition, Win8.1, Xbox One, other more and more and more equipment and services, Microsoft has begun to integrate Skype, and Skype team also said they WP8 platform for the development of more excellent experience.

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