Major trends of blogging in 2014

blogging 2014

blogging 2014

Blogs have been around for a long period of time and still continue to develop. It is these resources are now very relevant and in demand. Blogs are used by companies, businesses or ordinary users. There are both personal and corporate blogs.

Came in 2014, different trends are changing, so that to follow them over time and keep up with other bloggers, in this article we will talk about the development priorities of blogs in 2014.

Bloggin 2014: future development blog

Preference niche blogging

Now very popular blogs on specific topics. On these blogs most of your visitors, subscribers than resources on general subjects. It is best to choose an interesting topic and write a series of articles on it and various notes. Niche blog you push less time than the overall theme. Besides, at present such blogs visitors high quality at such sites are only interested users.

Targeting the mobile format

Mobile internet is very popular. Therefore, if you want you blog was popular, you should think about how to make not only the usual version of the site, but alsoa mobile version. The most important resource to display properly on mobile screens, was simple and comfortable, functional. Also do not forget about the font because it must read well on mobile screens.

Abandon spam

Bots are now very much struggling with spamnyh content. They now have a new ranking algorithms, and sites that do not provide values ​​are in the last positions. Any manifestation of spam will be punished by search engines:duplicate content, bad links, copy-paste, illiterate text and so on. Do not use your page just for reference, as well as advertising.

Use illustrations in their posts

Successful blog can not be without content, ie text. But in order for you to have good behavioral factors, the use of a little text, you have to dilute the content variety of interesting images. Will be great if every post you will accompany the picture. This will not only attract more attention, but users stay longer on your blog.

Blog – is a simple, convenient and popular mode of communication

Now people infest blogs for communication, so they communicate with their friends, family, companies communicate with their target auditoiriey.  Already over time, the blog becomes something more than just a form of communication.

The blogosphere is constantly evolving, including this year. Therefore, if you choose the right strategy development of the resource, it will increase the chances of overall success and get a huge advantage over their competitors.

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