Magic Pen Recorder, digitizing handwritten text

 Magic Pen Recorder

Magic Pen Recorder

Clean sheet and a pen, curves lines … Today, many refuse handwriting in favor of the new-fangled computers and smartphones. But the concept Recorder Pen promises to fundamentally change the situation. The fact is that the miracle of pen can digitize a written text, and send it via Bluetooth to any gadget.

Chinese designers who created the pen Recorder, decided to combine the past with the present. The time when everyone wrote by hand and the era of digital media. The new concept records the trajectory of the pen with a laser sensor, and then outputs the data to the screen of a mobile phone or computer. Data are transmitted using Bluetooth, or a flash drive, located on the end product.

Writing pen uses standard ink. The cartridge can be filled as needed. So far, there are three primary colors of ink: blue, black and red, but the designers promise to expand the range in the case of successful sales gadget.

We can only wait for a miracle handles on store shelves. In the meantime, manufacturers argue who gets the concept, you can admire the other no less interesting for modern devaysami scouts .

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