Linux 3.12 New Features

linux 3.12Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.12-rc1, close the merge window, the new changes have basically fixed. Linus says, Linux 3.12 73% change and driving related, 12% involve schema update, about 6% of the file system. Major new features include : Improved newer models Radeon GPU dynamic power management; Qualcomm Adreno GPU support for open source drivers; support dynamic display technology NVIDIA Optimus GPU power management, dual graphics laptop can dynamically disable or enable the second GPU; experiment Xing supports DRM render nodes; support AMD Berlin APU; improved Intel Haswell graphics performance; EXT4 file systems have introduced two features, support initiative extent cache, reducing the workload of the main reading memory use, improved asynchronous I / O; improvement of damaged recovery; etc.

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