Latest news: Google to war dead



After tonight, Google officially from the Internet, cross-border areas to ergonomics.

  Time magazine has just published an exclusive news , Google  officially announcedto expand into the field of human health research, will set up a new company called Calico and appointed Genentech (Genentech) Board Chairman Yasser Levinson (Arthur D. Levinson) of Calico’s CEO.

  According to sources, Google two founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to the Board to make the appropriate explanation, and improvement of human life consensus engineering fields will have a very big future, Google entering the keen interest in this field.

  According to Larry Page of Google employees to send a message display, he explained Google to enter the field of anti-aging and disease, as compared to its Internet business, can be more effective in improving people’s lives, so employees do not want to enter a new company areas surprised.

  Page in the internal letter that he and Calico CEO Levinson are all have great confidence in this cause, he also stressed that the investment on the Internet compared to, Google explored in the field of human health investments, the scale still small.

  Larry Page in an interview with Time magazine, said: “In some specific industries, to get certain results often take up to 10-20 years, so now we should focus on some very important areas (anti-aging, disease areas), and it took such a long time to achieve it. “

  Currently Google has not released under an actual plan. However, according to informed sources, Google will use its powerful data processing techniques to promote the study of human aging, then, Google will arrange a small part of the staff to proceed with pilot projects and try to get the initial technical breakthroughs.

  And Google Calico new company’s first CEO Levinson, an incumbent Genentech (Genentech) Chairman of the Board, joined Apple’s board since 2000, starting in 2005 jointly managed Apple’s board. Calico CEO was named after Levinson above two companies will retain jobs.

  There are indications that, Google two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as Stephen Ravi (Steven Levy) in “In The Plex” as described, filled with lofty aspirations, and actively Looking for a way to achieve ambitious, say before one o’clock limelight without two of autonomous vehicles program. In fact, Page at the University of Michigan, I’ve loved transportation technology research, and once the trouble to develop a monorail Ann Arbor city plan, hoping to use the monorail to replace public buses. – The Page has not given up, fifteen years after taking advantage of the meeting together with the University of Michigan president, when he again proposed this plan.

  A ready Moon Shot of the company, it has a kind of strange thoughts and actions should not be surprised.

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