Japan has launched the world’s fastest Internet

internetUntil relatively recently, the Internet speed in the world was very limited. Even 15 years ago, even in the most developed countries WAN connection was so slow that created serious difficulties in the exchange of information between users. Today, things have changed. Particularly high speed internet now providing the South Korean and Japanese providers.

The Japanese Internet service provider So-net Entertainment, which is owned by Sony, announced the launch of the world’s fastest internet. The new network is called Nuro, is based on fiber-optic technology and ensures the download speed of up to 2 GB per second. Load speed reaches with 1 Gb per second.

While the new high-speed internet access is available only to residents of Tokyo and six surrounding prefectures, and the monthly fee in this case is very low – only $ 51 per month. But at the same time and have a number of conditions, for example, it is mandatory to sign a contract with the provider and the connection to pay $ 535. The contract is for 2 years.

But most of Japanese PC users to evaluate the benefits of new technology to the full while not necessary, since virtually every computer has a built-in network interface card, which automatically reduces the download speed up to 1 GB per second. So while the new product will be available only to companies where the equipment is installed, designed to work with these technologies.

It should be noted that this technology already exists in Kansas City and Texas (USA), but there is a 2-fold speed below a subscription fee for this 2-fold higher than in Japan.

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