iTunes 11.1 official release: Born to iOS7

iTunes 11.1Apple released iTunes 11.1 official version, compared to the previous Beta version is no substantive change in functionality, but more stable, its biggest mission is to support and iOS7 before synchronization.

  Have used iOS7 users recommended upgrade iTunes 11.1 official version, click on the software interface to check for updates.

official version of iTunes 11.1 Update History:

  iTunes broadcasts. “ITunes Radio” is used to a great new way to discover music.From more than 250 radio stations to choose from or use your favorite performer or song to create a new radio station. By signing up for iTunes Match to enjoy without advertising “iTunes radio.”

  Genius Shuffle. Way to use music library new way. Select “Genius Shuffle”, iTunes will immediately play the songs can be great together. Click it again to listen to the other new songs, so that listening to music has become so simple.

  Podcast stations. Now you can create a favorite podcasts custom radio stations, there is a new single set is available, the radio will be automatically updated. Through iCloud, you can radio, subscription content, and synchronized to the current playback position “podcast” application.

  Sync with iOS 7. Now you can use iTunes to your favorite music, videos and other devices running the iOS 7 sync. Additionally, iTunes now lets fast finishing applications and the application sync to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch easier.

  iTunes 11.1 full version download the following address:

Windows 64-bit Edition

Windows 32-bit Edition

OS X version

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