iPhone 5s Review Summary: Touch ID, lenses and A7 processor

iPhone 5s Review


 iPhone 5s briefly after the release did not give the media have started to impress, when the feedback is very limited. After in-depth experience of iPhone 5s, more detailed evaluation report released today. Article summarizes the five media evaluation, focusing Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a larger aperture prime lens and 64 A7 chip. To listen to their feedback.

Touch ID


  Do not want to see a fingerprint scanner on your phone there are a lot of reasons: Past models demonstrate how fingerprinting do not fly, it brings more trouble than the value created much more. For example with an optical fingerprint scanner Motorola Atrix 4G requires repeated scanning, but the success rate is very low.

  Apple will capacitive fingerprint sensor implanted into iPhone 5s the Home key, the sensor is covered with a layer of sapphire glass to protect them. Home button metal ring around collecting information from the user’s fingerprint, and then passed to the sensor. Grab users from every angle sensor fingerprint images, then transferred to the A7 processors. Touch ID capture from finger fingerprint information under the skin, rather than the surface of the skin of dead skin, grab the picture quality up to 500ppi.

  Setup process is very simple, in general, no more than 1 minute. iPhone 5s maximum storage five different fingerprints can be different fingers from the same person, it can come from different people. Fingerprint collection looks complicated, but after a few more simple test. First you need to touch your finger a few times in the Home key once to collect enough information, iPhone will be prompted to flip the finger rescan. Fingerprint collection is complete, the phone asks for the fingerprint was not named, so it will not have more than one fingerprint confusion. To prevent the fingerprint is not recognized, iPhone 5s also asked to set a password in order to scan through the password to unlock the phone after the failure.

  Touch ID is very fast, fingers touching the Home key less than 1 second to complete the scan. Process so natural that we almost forget that iPhone 5s set a password and lock screen. Countless times we subconsciously in the same way to unlock iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, and finally found only with the “old-fashioned” slide to unlock. Of course, Touch ID is not perfect: wet fingers or partial contact with the Home key can not unlock the phone, but we did not find sticky wet fingers can not unlock the iPhone 5s phenomenon.

  For privacy reasons, Apple said all fingerprint information is converted to digital signatures, encrypted and stored in the chip. In other words, the fingerprint data will not be uploaded to Apple’s servers and iCloud. Meanwhile, cut the owner finger to unlock iPhone 5s approach unworkable – Touch ID can only scan living tissue. In addition, the phone reboot or 48 hours unlocked, the user only through a password to unlock it.


New York Times

  IPhone 5s fingerprint sensor is one of the most important features, which is cleverly implanted into the Home key down. Tap the Home key to wake up iPhone, half a second finger to touch the Home key can unlock the phone. Testing process, Touch ID is always valid, nothing like the kind of annoying before fingerprint sensor. It was really great, nasty people can find it jump off dock.

  Buy books, music, and applications, it can also use the Touch ID scan fingerprints.Although there are still some of the Bug, but Apple said Friday will push fixes.


  At first glance, it’s easy to think that the fingerprint scanner is a gimmick, almost no use. But that is not the case. Touch ID is a proven features to increase the iPhone’s overall experience.

  Registered fingerprint process is also very simple, iPhone 5s will guide the entire process. Users can register up to five fingerprints, and then decide which finger is used to unlock the phone, which fingerprints for the purchase application.

  Once registered, casually put your fingers on the Home key to quickly unlock the iPhone, and no password is almost as fast. Use process also encountered some tips rescan, but with the increase in the frequency of use, suggesting gradually reduced until it disappears. Apple says Touch ID with the use of continuous learning to increase the number of users scan mode, in order to improve the success rate.


  There have been laptops and mobile phones using fingerprint scanners, but not reliable, users generally reluctant to use. Apple uses different techniques and in the past, Home button to transform into a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner.

  Apple said dead tissue can not unlock the phone, finger or movies copied on common fingerprint Touch ID will not have any effect.

  If the scan does not pass three times, iPhone 5s will display the password to unlock option. After five unsuccessful, iPhone requirements must be unlocked by a password.Apple said that outsiders unlocked phones through Touch ID probability of 1/50 000, while the four-digit PIN to unlock the probability of 1/10000.


iSight main lens


  Imaging capabilities of the iPhone Apple’s attitude: keep getting better, keep it simple.

  iPhone 5s daytime imaging and iPhone 5 basically the same, just a little more detail, but low light is better than iPhone 5: the image sharper, richer detail, the color is more natural and less noise. However, shooting and Nokia Lumia 1020 compared proofs, iPhone 5s and details of the proofs less noise and more. Admittedly iPhone 5s color reproduction capability is very good, but still not the best player in this field.

  Thanks to the new A7 using ISP, iPhone 5s supports automatic graphics stability, one exposure can take four photos. Phone automatically analyzes each photo key nodes, such as exposure, sharpness and accuracy of face recognition, pick out the best picture. iPhone 5s also supports continuous shooting, up to 10 pictures per second.Photos are automatically saved in the album subfolder, all pictures can be opened when editing. Panorama mode than the iPhone 5 fast, Apple said imaging speeds of up to 50 percent.

  True Tone iPhone 5s dual flash is another feature. iPhone 5s can be determined according to the color temperature of ambient and flash exposure density combinations.The final effect of natural color imaging, still lifes and portraits are excellent.

  SLR and some high-end smartphones in the past has supported timelapse, but most can only reach 60fps shooting speed. iPhone 5s can capture 120fps Slow video, the user decides which part of the video display contents can be slow.

New York Times

  New camera bring more content: 15% increase in sensor, single-pixel particles also increased a lot. And compared to the previous generation, iPhone 5s better low-light effect: clearer, brighter, more accurate colors.

  iPhone 5s support continuous shooting, three times the video scaling, Instagram-style filters and slow video. The strange thing is, filters images and videos can not slow viewed on a computer.


(IPhone 5s and iPhone 5 low-light effect of contrast, shadow detail attention. Images from the New York Times)


(IPhone 5s iPhone 5 flash effect and contrast images from the New York Times)


  Apple iPhone 5s camera effect is very confident, which is consistent with its consistent view: more pixels does not mean better photos. 8 megapixel iSight camera and the former the same, but the single pixel size larger aperture size up to f/2.2.

  Camera upgrade also includes True Tone dual flash, the background light can be adapted to better reflect the surrounding environment. Actual use, turn off the flash is still the best shot program, but the contrast iPhone 5c shooting results, you can see iPhone 5s compensation effect of natural light is better than iPhone 5c.


(IPhone 5s, iPhone 5c flash sample comparison, note that the protective cover edges. Photos from TechCrunch)

  Improved graphics lens stabilization system also includes automatic, single exposure shot four photos of the system to choose the best one. Burst mode supports 10 pictures per second, shooting photos can be used to create GIF images, very curious why Apple does not own GIF creation tools?


  New camera has a larger sensor and pixel particles can crawl more light and color. All shooting is slightly sharper than the iPhone 5, low-light image details are also less likely to be washed off the flash.

A7 chip


  A7 uses ARMv8 instruction set, which allows iPhone 5s be the first to use 64-bit chips for smart phones. 64-bit chips, in most cases, allow to support the game and high throughput applications better performance, but does not affect much battery life. 64-bit processor-based iOS 7 system also allows developers to achieve greater development efficiency. Apple said that the speed and graphic effects A7 A6 is twice

  Although there is no opportunity to test the chip supports 64-bit applications and games, but as a whole, can obviously feel iPhone 5s faster application loading and smoother operation smooth. A7’s GPU began to support OpenGL ES 3.0, the new agreement allows developers to add more complex scenes details, make the game more realistic scenes.

  A7 M7 used to relieve the load from coprocessor mainly deal with gyroscopes, accelerometers and compass data. With M7 coprocessor, health class applications running in the background will consume less electricity.

iPhone 5s

(IPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s run sub-contrast images from Engadget)


  iPhone 5s 64-bit processor, means that the system can handle more vast amounts of data. However, the test did not find remarkable speed increase, possibly not enough time for developers to rewrite the program A7, take full advantage of 64-bit high performance.


  We live in a great era of mobile chips, mobile chips like a few years ago notebook and desktop computers rapidly. iPhone 5 iPhone 4S running speed is twice the speed of the iPhone 5s iPhone 5 looks at least twice.

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