iPhone 5 C, profit-driven product

iPhone 5 C are used instead of five on productivity and profitability considerations: ① the same configuration, the plastic shell 5C parts cost less than the iPhone5, this advantage in large-scale production will be highlighted; ② iPhone5 of in-cell screens often present production capacity, Apple should be improved 5C screen technology, making it more suitable for large-scale production.



Beijing early this morning’s press conference, after the media published leaked product, such as about the only slightly to the outside world was surprised and disappointed that the iPhone 5C pricing.

The conference, Apple has released an unprecedented two mobile phones – iPhone5S and iPhone5C. Which, iPhone5S is Apple’s new flagship model, equipped with the new A7 processor (native 64) and an inductive auxiliary processor M7, dual LED camera is also equipped with fingerprint identification system. iPhone5C core hardware configuration consistent with the original iPhone5, just shell into a plastic material.

These parameters with the previous leaked the news media basically consistent, iPhone5S iPhone5 is an upgraded version of the original, while iPhone5C is relatively low-end version in terms of 5S.

Lies in its pricing – iPhone5S price can be understood, both in the United States two-year contract price (16G: 199 U.S. dollars) or the state line price (5288 yuan), are the same as with the previous iPhone5, the latter is the normal upgrade. iPhone5C prices are eye-popping, a conference before it was generally considered “positioning more low-end” machines in the U.S. two-year contract price of $ 99, the National Bank priced as high as 4,488 yuan.

The logical starting from Apple’s pricing is normal. I do not know if you are not concerned about the conference, a detail, Cook said, “business is bigger, so this year we bring something new to replace iPhone5” (“The business has become so large, so this year we’re going to replace the iPhone 5. “) …… This allows us to serve more users (” This allows us to serve even more customers. “).

“Instead of iPhone5” not just upgrade also includes a new model to replace the iPhone5 should act as role models for cheap. “The new models released, the old model price” of the unspoken rules from Steve Jobs era: iPhone4 8G version released after the release 3Gs and prices continue to sell. To some extent, after the price of the old model is “flat price” was.

Apple chose to use 5C instead of five has on productivity and profitability considerations. 5C has two advantages: one, in the same configuration, the plastic housing parts cost less than 5C iPhone5, this advantage in large-scale production, costdown advantage will highlight margins after; Second, according to previous media reports, iPhone5 screen equipped with in-cell production capacity often without an accident, Apple should improve 5C screen technology, making it more suitable for large-scale production.

So, Apple did not release iPhone5C iPhone5 reduced prices but high profit margins driven (or one of the main driving forces).

Of course, iPhone5C and therefore has nothing to do with Apple’s innovative force (iPhone5S’d show some impressive features, such as 64-bit processor, fingerprint sensor, etc.). iPhone brand dividend has not completely disappeared, 5C is still likely to push Apple’s overall handset sales and profit levels (Apple has passed iPhone4, 4S, 5C, 5S completed high three low-grade product line layout), but the real revolutionary breakthrough in what appeared, even for Apple, at least put a question number.

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