iOS 7 – the new operating system from Apple

The company Apple is one of the trendsetters in the market of modern technology. And because the output of each of its new product has attracted increased attention. Especially if it’s a regular, already the seventh version of the operating system iOS . This event took place June 10, 2013 in the conference WWDC.

Progress – the desire for continuous development. In particular, in terms of technology and software. And even the most successful and ahead of its time, the product eventually becomes obsolete, because we want to create new solutions, more advanced and functional. An example of this can result in a new operating system iOS 7, submitted recently Apple .

apple 1

The new version of Apple’s operating system differs utmost simplicity and minimalist design. Icons in it became flat, even bigger, brighter and symbolic. new font, a new desktop themes and wallpapers, new programs and new features in old applications. All this is part of the operating system iOS 7.

apple 2

The main screen of the phone or tablet can now respond to the slopes of the device, thus displaying the appropriate animation. program Siri has several new voices, as well as integration with Wikipedia, Twitter and the major search engines. Control Center application will allow users to get fast access to the most used programs, loaded on the machine. And improved technology will allow multi-tasking machine to be more economical in terms of energy than phones and tablets with older versions of iOS.

apple 3

Users of mobile devices running iOS 7 will be able to transfer files via Wi-Fi technology through AirDrop, which was previously available only to owners of personal computers and laptops from Apple. Fans of products from the corporation Apple, but analysts also uniquely embraced the new mobile operating system. Someone admires innovation and calls it “the most significant upgrade iOS with the launch of the first iPhone», and some disappointed sighs and predicts a crisis at Apple, basing its forecasts loss impeccable sense of style, the inherent died not long ago of cancer Steve Jobs.


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