Internet product’s success is due to the rigid demand

On communication tools, the micro-channel, street street, m chat, easy letters also provides communications, liaison rigid demand, but eventually micro-channel to become one to attract the most users tools; Similarly, if only to meet just to be the case, then today Extraordinaire Nokia rivers and lakes should be functional rather than the Apple machine. The success of Internet products is that they are a good product.

Internet product


Often talked about some relatively successful Internet products , always someone to take a universal vocabulary – “rigid demand” to explain “why the street street fire?” “Because about guns just need ah!” “micro letter Why fire?” “Because about guns just need ah!” has also been an inventory of the Chinese shrine of ten about guns ( [Internet about guns shrine  Top 10 ), and draw their success is due to meet the “about guns,” the rigid demand.

In the eyes of these people, it seems every reason for the success of a product, you can use just need to explain the term, it is like a panacea Marxism, always right and can explain everything. But the term is really just to be reasons for the success of a product do?

What is a rigid demand

Speaking just to be on the need to take a look at the origin of the word, most people would intuitively think that this word is just to be an economic vocabulary, but the author shallow, rummaged Samuelson’s “Economics” and did not see this rigid demand word, but only “rich price elasticity of demand” and “lack of price elasticity of demand,” two words (price elasticity of demand means that when an article price changes, the demand for change in the size of the article, full of big changes explain its lack of explanation its small change).

Baidu Encyclopedia for rigid demand explanation commodity supply and demand relationship is less affected by price demand (Wikipedia again without the word), this explanation and the “lack of price elasticity of demand” concept is somewhat similar.So I suspect that the word is the rigid demand brick home by the “lack of price elasticity of demand,” the word “evolution” out.

So this concept to judge whether the product is suitable for the internet too? Is clearly inappropriate for the word generally need to buy products, but the Internet is a large part of the product is free (not including value-added services), such as micro-channel, it does not exist purchase price level caused by Internet users increase or decrease the amount of issue.

Internet products generally NA economics “lack of price elasticity of demand” concept, according to the Internet for public discussion of this issue, the article mentioned above, it can be speculated that the mouth of the Internet refers to the rigid requirements of the product is a strong man demand, in essence, needs, this demand can not be eliminated.

About guns is a rigid demand it?

In recent years, people have been talking about street street, micro-channel’s success is because they are about to meet the rigid requirements of this human cannon. Come about guns is a rigid demand, most people believe that this conclusion old saying in China: Sisexingye . Yes, eating and sexual needs of human nature is indeed saying that just to be mentioned, but sex is equivalent to about guns do?Almost every wife to warn her husband: Do not pick wildflowers roadside . And his wife’s sex is a rigid demand, while about guns can not become the norm.

Micro-channel, street street success is not about guns because satisfy this demand, but because they meet the rigid requirements of the other (in fact, I prefer to call it a strong demand).

social needs

This compared with about guns can definitely be counted as one of the rigid demand, one can not about guns, but it must not fail to socialize, human as a social animal, it is impossible to live alone. This is web2.0 tide strikes, Myspace Facebook and other social networking pioneers quickly attract the user’s cause.

(2) communications, liaison demand

If the social needs of mankind rigid demand, then the communication tools as a tool to achieve this requirement, the same is a rigid demand. Letters from the ancient to the modern telegraph and later the telephone, e-mail to the current whatsapp , micro letters, human communication tools are changing, but the demand has been contacted unchanged.

Micro-channel, street street reason to attract a large number of users, because they meet the above two rigid demand, as about guns, it’s just that they quickly attracted the eye of a gimmick nothing. Those holding about guns purposes street street users, and ultimately ended in failure, more than once I have heard some users can not successfully use street street angry about guns unloaded and the final story.


The success of Internet products is that they are a good product

Of course, not all people are able to meet the rigid requirements of Internet products to be successful, also meet the social needs of people happy network is declining to meet the communication needs of people it is difficult to talk of rice called success.

Internet products and traditional products also have a similar point, that is the same type of product, if the price difference is not, people will buy the product performance, quality better. On communication tools, the domestic several tools such as micro-channel, street street, m chat, easy letters also provides communications, liaison rigid demand, their prices are also the same (free), but eventually micro-channel to become one to attract the most users tools , in addition to promotion, channels and other factors, the most important factor is the micro-channel relative to other products provide a better product features, experience and service.

Zhang Xiaolong leaked online a few days ago Love USTC 2011 Record speech, speech, Zhang Xiaolong said “Shake” from sexually suggestive and sexual drive, and then also the speech cited Freud. Zhang Xiaolong letter to Freud in terms of micro-elements of the story are not necessarily sexually suggestive fly (by the way the West has been very little talk about psychology courses Freud a), may be in order to give their products find a great concept , but you can hear his speech Zhang Xiaolong team for product excellence. Only this excellence is possible to create a perfect product.

In the Internet era, the so-called rigid demand, the future direction of the product did not affect us so much, how much of the product to be called just died, and how many did not provide product called just to be alive and well?

Finally an example, Apple phone’s features for most people is not just, it all functions, only the communication is just to be. However, if the product is only just to be able to meet people’s success, then the Nokia machine should be able to function in today’s warlords, but in fact, the opposite is true. Apple phone has been successful because it offers better functionality, experience and service, which is not necessarily just to be.

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