Internal documents of Apple’s exposed in the daytime published patent litigation, it also refers to large smartphone

We will deliver can be checked in the lunch break, a little dark iPhone news app. The main iPhone · gadgets information to help you work is.  For more information about the news of the topic, I will continue to introduce again in AppBank.


In patent litigation and Samsung Apple, Apple’s internal documents have been published. Among them, materials that Apple’s analysis of the smart phone market is also included.

The Verge and Mac Rumors’s covered, items were analyzed consumer demand.It is labeled “for large-screen smartphone, strong demand is cheap” he said.


Has been rumored “iPhone 6” is equipped with a large LCD for some time, it seems to be attracting attention from association with it.  Materials inside Apple’s also mentioned that the growth rate of iPhone sales volume is reduced further. I thought based on these materials, some “workaround” has been studied.


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