Intel refused to support Mir is with non

intelIntel open source graphics driver maintainer Chris Wilson, on September 4 in xf86-video-intel driver added to support the tree XMir – Mir display server compatibility layer – the patch. Support for the Intel graphics driver set was developed and maintained by Intel, the new code is less than 300 lines, which submitted comments pointed XMir API is likely to have been fixed, you can add the drive to the API supports, and based on this Wilson saw no reason not to merge patches. However, to September 7, Intel announced publicly does not support Canonical’s Mir, support XMir patches not merged upstream. Intel Open Source Technology Center CTO Dirk Hohndel gives the explanation, saying that the engineering team and senior technical staff made this decision, which means that Intel needs to focus on in the X and Wayland, Intel will increase support XMir test quality assessment tasks to attend to , other projects will have to make sacrifices.

  Canonical fans and employees to Intel’s decision expressed dissatisfaction , Canonical employee Michael Hall said , down another open source project will not make you better open source projects. Intel’s support of Wayland and Canonical’s Mir is competition. Matthew Garrett believes that supporting XMir currently no benefit to Intel, as long as XMir is a single-release program, whether to support this release can only be left to solve their own. But Hall, as the “single release program” as a self-fulfilling prophecy: Upstream patch is not merged because other releases do not use it, do not use it other distributions because other desktop environment does not use it, do not use other desktop environments It is because of the need to accept the patch upstream, while the patch is merged upstream rejected because other releases do not use it.

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