India has decided to replace the living soldier robots

soldat-bronyaIndia intends to create a robotic army that will be able to distinguish enemies from allies and fight always at the forefront. First, robots will fight under the command of the people, and then – on their own, which will save a lot of lives. But it takes time to develop.

Indian experts from the Organization of Defence Research and Development have called this project one of the highest priorities are working on several Indian laboratories. the main goal – to prevent casualties.

It is assumed that the soldiers, robots will be able to fight in various combat zones, for example, on the border of India and Pakistan.

For the production of robot soldiers Indians need to develop many more technologies, such as technology human interaction and learning, cognitive technologies, miniature communications and so on. The military said that the first robotic technology will be not earlier than 10 years.

Indian military officials said that on a similar task is currently running 5-6 countries. Although the development has not yet been completed, but they are at a very advanced level.


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