In half the power: Haswell – a new processor from Intel

The main drawback of laptops is limited enough not very long life of their batteries on a single full charge. But the company Intel claims that with its new processor, called Haswell, this figure will increase to at least twice!

Haswell intel new processor
Intel Haswell – a new processor family Core, the main feature is the low power consumption. Laptops equipped with this chip can work in two times longer than previous generations, “iron”. And in sleep mode and expectations, this difference will increase to twenty times!

The emergence of processors Intel Haswell – which is great news for those who travel a lot for tourist or business purposes or simply prefer the fresh air and open space within the four walls pastime. reaches this energy savings will be at the expense of dynamic power management in various computer components, the integration of all voltage regulators into a single system, as well as a faster connection between the components of the PC.

Intel Haswell – a processor for fans of the movies in HD-resolution, because it will not only save the energy needed for this, but will double the speed of video and graphics on laptops twice, and on the desktop – to three. expected to detailed presentation of the revolutionary Intel Haswell processor will take place on June 4 at the exhibition of computer technology Computex in Taiwan.

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