Important video platform YouTube Machinima makers cut staff 10%

YouTube Machinima

YouTube platform, one of the largest video production Machinima announced that it will cut staff by 10%. Machinima is a single-page view on YouTube the largest providers of video production, YouTube is the most important partner Machinima, Machinima because it is the most important benefit of video publishing platforms and channels.

  This game film makers that will be based on “Machinima development plan,” cut off 206 employees in 22 name. Machinima plans to invest a larger scale production of original content and build revenue streams beyond YouTube. The company said it would cut staff to save money for investment in new projects.

  Since the spring of this year, there have been reports that Machinima is working with potential “strategic” investors approached, hoping to get a substantial investment.Sources familiar with the company, said the company is also considering selling.However, this has not been confirmed by Machinima.

  Industry insiders say, Machinima is difficult to identify their ideal valuation right buyer. Last year, Google led Machinima carried out on a $ 35 million investment, which Machinima up to $ 200 million valuation.

  Machinima on the cross member made a statement. Said in a statement: “According to Machinima development plan, the company will be more emphasis on premium channels, YouTube’s network, as well as multi-platform publishing in these areas in order to meet increasing demand for investment, Machinima withdrawal will cut about 10% of the jobs the company, which is 206 The 22 employees in the next few months, Machinima will announce the release of new channels and programs to promote the development of this strategic plan to a new stage. “

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