If Nokia switch to Android

nokiaThe Nokia abandoned Symbian, instead playing for WP platform. Since then, people have been discussing the “Nokia is not should develop Android phones.”

  Use of Android is an understandable approach: Android is the largest smartphone OS platform, which accounts for two-thirds of total sales; in emerging markets, Android is a little bit swallowed Nokia smart phone business.

  Theoretically, Nokia can not beat Android, had to join it. This is an attractive proposal: the invincible Andorid operating system, and Nokia design strength, brand reputation, supply chain binding, this is a good choice.

Benefits of using Andorid

  Nokia APP problems exist, for example, Nokia WP program to open shop experience quite bad, compared to Google Play, it is a ghost town. Nokia and Microsoft to tell you APP data, but it is not important, it is important to have a high-quality program. If the input to the Android camp, Nokia can fix this problem.

  The Android platform can also save cash, Android is free systems, although Microsoft quarterly to provide $ 250 million to support Nokia, Nokia still have to pay royalties.

  Assuming Nokia will own design capabilities combined with Android, who do not want it to phone it? However, Nokia chose the WP platform, many times Nokia’s challenges and the hardware does not matter. If you focus on Andorid, Nokia can not have to be tied up in the “ghost town” as the WP program store, turning on the Android platform to launch their own programs, such as maps.

  Of course, that was too easy to assume that, to know that in addition to Samsung Andoird areas, other mobile phone providers are not very successful. Nokia is not a panacea for Andorid steering, especially now that Samsung has accounted for dominance.

  WP market is also facing similar problems, in addition to Nokia, no other WP phone number of enterprise sales. Nevertheless, LG, Lenovo, ZTE Android phone sales are still more than the Nokia WP phone.

Now switch to Android has been impossible

  When possible in 2011, Nokia should turn to Android. Over the past two and a half years can do what extent, we can not assume that. But by 2013, the market is different. To this day, regardless of how Nokia is best to stay together with Microsoft.

  No Nokia, Microsoft’s mobile business will return to the starting point, not a strong partner to support their launch device OS. Acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft not want a partner, it needs to manufacturing operations, it can also be acquired Blackberry.

  Simple, Microsoft may have other options.

  So, next year Nokia abandon WP platform, and then turned to Android possible?Impossible.

  Nokia APP’s key work, developers coverage, integration, partnerships, and Microsoft are all connected together. To develop Andorid phone for Nokia is not difficult, but to break up the Nokia – Microsoft relationship is difficult. Make a device running an OS is not difficult, but if you want to do the same thing the whole enterprise is not easy.

  Some might say that Nokia can select multiple OS strategy, the other WP phone providers have gone multi OS path, they both produce WP phone, also manufactured Android phone.

  It’s not a bad idea, but the partnership with Microsoft by hot to cold.

  2011, the shift from the Symbian Nokia WP, which is a big turn. 2014 If there’s a big turn, shareholders unlikely to agree.

  When in 2011, Symbian’s sales are still considerable, Nokia can support the premise of not increasing drained WP shipments. WP now rely on mobile phones to support the company does not fall over, and then increase the Android mobile phone shipments, this is too difficult.

  Once, Nokia can turn Andorid, may also be successful, but this point has been missed.

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