How to find Broken links on wordpress site

Hello dear friends.I would like to talk with you in this article about the broken links.Broken links – these are links that lead to non-existent pages, and can be punished for that search engines, in terms of reduction of positions in the search results.After all, search engines look not only at: which sites and pages there are links to your resource, but they are looking for and your outgoing links.


If your site links to low-quality links: various sales, warez, adult, contrary to the laws and so on, then the search engines see it perfectly and can be punished as an accomplice find you.

Broken links on the site is not very good, so if you have a lot, too, can get under some filter search engine.

Where are the dead links?

Most of the broken links appear from the comments.Rather, when a user leaves a comment, you do not check the URL site, he wrote.But can the site at this link at all.

Also, broken links may appear in your articles.After all, when you share useful links with other users, it does not mean they always will exist.

This applies to affiliate links, because the author can take away some sales items, and you are on it will not even be aware of.

Also, reference may be bat when you copy a link from somewhere and there is a chance space: visually it is not visible and the reference seems to be working, but is in fact quite different.

How to find broken links on the siteWordPress?

For sites on WordPress, there are many plug-ins that allow you to find broken links, as well as their “cure.”One such plugin is called Broken Link Checker.

You need to download, install, and then simply activate, then it starts to self check all the links from your website or blog.

Gradually Broken Link Checker generates a report and shows you the number of incorrect, redirected links, as well as the total number of outbound links.

Broken Link Chesker

To run the plugin, you need to go to the Admin Console and click on Settings, check references, and then set the frequency of checking for broken links.

In the wrong links, you can find the following messages:

  • 404 Not Found
  • Wait time
  • Server Not Found
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • 403 Forbidden

You can click on the message, which brings up a more detailed report on this link.You can also click on the link itself and make sure that it actually leads to a non-existent page.

It may be that you will give an error 503.In this case, the plug-in could not get through to the site to which the link leads.This can be a problem and hosting, and that site is overloaded.

After you check all the links via the plugin, then you can disable and enable only when scheduled check.Should check every 2 months, well, or 1-2 months.

It is also very convenient and useful feature is that the plug-in shows all your outgoing links that you can close off indexing, for example, or do something else with them.

I have run the plugin and found a lot of broken links from the comments that had to clean up as you advise.Good luck and see you in the new articles!

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