How to Build your Blog and its Content Strategy

How to Build your Blog and its Content Strategy?

Whether you’re considering starting a company blog, or want to revamp the one you already have, there are 11 standard elements and practices each company should implement from the very start (with highlights from Heidi Cohen’s article “Must-Haves for Company Blogs.”)



Determine your Blog’s Business Objectives

Before you jump in and get someone in your web department to develop your blog site, take some time to think through the major strategic elements. This is a critical step to ensure your blog is in line with your brand and/or company objectives. Among the top Business blog goals are to:

Build the brand by providing content to support your offering. This information should engage Prospective customers.

Expand reach by offering prospective buyers solutions to their product needs though a variety of content forms such as checklists and how-to videos.

Support sales by giving potential buyers useful information. The specifics depend on your products. It can be a 360-degree video to show clothing details and fit or a list of technology specifications.

Position senior executive(s) by spotlighting their thought leadership. This can be important for firms that are strongly associated with their founders. It requires buy-in and commitment from executives to actively post.
Define Target Readers

Your readers should be in line with your blog’s goals. When describing potential readers, it’s a good idea to characterize them in terms of demographics, psycho graphics and past behaviors. Also, consider how this segment behaves on social media: are they people who create content, comment on content or just read content (aka lurk)?


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