How to Add Authors and Contributors in WordPress

You can turn your blog into a group blog by adding editors, authors, and contributors. At the same time, you can control — or not
when and how content is published by setting permissions to fit your blog’s needs.

Adding Editor or Contributors

In Self-Hosted Blogs

  1. In the administrative pages, click Users.New User panel for word
  2. Click Add New. The Add New User panel opens.Add-user-in- wordpress
  3. Type a username in the Username box.
  4. Type the person’s e-mail in the E-mail box. 
  5. Type the person’s first name who will become a Contributor or Editor
  6. Type the person’s last name.
  7. After that enter website address if any created by contributor or Editor
  8. Give the user a password and confirm it.
  9. Confirm that the Send Password check box is selected (the default).

  10. Click to expand the Role dropdown  menu, and click a role. 
  11. Click Add User. WordPress adds the user, sends the person an e-mail, and opens the Users list with the new user.

  12. Click the username. The user’s profile opens. You or the new user can add or change settings.

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