Heat rude iPhone! Moto X Unlock Developer Edition is sold out

motorola-logoHeat rude iPhone! Moto X Unlock Developer Edition is sold outApple’s iPhone 5S/5C officially listed earlier today on sale, and as always been favorable for fruit powder. Today, however, the focus of the global smart phone is not a new iPhone from Motorola Moto X and Droid MAXX developers should also gather a lot of popularity.

  According to Motorola’s official release of information display, has a 32GB internal storage Moto X and Droid MAXX Developer Edition on shelves in less than 24 hours of time have all been sold out. It is understood, Moto X and Droid MAXX Developer Edition are unlocked bootloader, so users can enjoy exploring the hidden mysteries inside, while the body is also printed on the back shell “Developer Edition” (Developer Edition) words, two who are priced at $ 649.99.

  Which, Moto X into GSM, Verizon two versions, the former is compatible AT & T, T-Mobile’s network, but must bring their own SIM cards, the latter is its own SIM card, while the Droid MAXX only Verizon version.

  Currently, foreign media correspondents have been confirmed to Motorola, has launched the “Developer Edition” products will be the only official unlocked version models.

Moto X

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