Hackers crack organized iPhone 5S fingerprint identification contest

iPhone 5s ReviewDozens of security researchers on Thursday a joint venture company to launch a small crack iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition technology Touch ID of the contest, the winner will receive $ 13,000 in cash, Bitcoin and wine and so on.

  Apple’s iPhone 5s in the world premiere this Friday, iPhone 5s introduced fingerprint recognition technology Touch ID, can greatly improve the security of user data. To meet the iPhone 5s starter, dozens of security researchers Thursday a small joint venture company, through the website http://istouchidhackedyet.com/ launching a crack Touch ID of the contest.

  The first one who successfully cracked Touch ID will receive $ 13,000 in cash, as well as wine, and books and other prizes bitcoin. These cash and other prizes by the Chicago venture capital firm IO Capital and sponsored activities provided by the developer.

  Where IO Capital provides $ 10,000, co-founder Atulasi Rosen Bach (Arturas Rosenbacher) said the move will bring together the hacker community’s top talent, helping Apple to identify loopholes in its failure to perceive . Rosenbach said: “fix it before it becomes a problem, which makes the product more secure.”

  Wednesday there were reports that 36-year-old Spanish soldier Jose Rodriguez (Jose Rodriguez) have found that the newly released iOS 7 vulnerabilities, hackers can bypass the password to access photo album, e-mail and Twitter and other applications.

  Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller (Trudy Muller) expressed, the company will develop the appropriate patches and mature as iOS 7 updates. Muller said: “We place great emphasis on user data security issues.”

  Well-known security researcher Charlie Miller (Charlie Miller), said good hacker may be able to crack the iPhone 5s within two weeks of fingerprint recognition technology.Once cracked, they can get stored in the user’s iPhone, mass data, and even in the iTunes Store and the App Store to purchase merchandise.

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