“Green” Data Center from Apple

The American corporation Apple strongly positioned itself as a company that does not care what happens to the environmental conditions in the world. And to prove that its new data center , recently opened in the town of Maiden, only uses energy from renewable sources .

Data Center from Apple

More and more American private companies and government agencies claim that has already moved or are planning to move in the near future on the “green” energy sources. For example, the City of Washington signed a contract with Washington Gas Energy Services of transfer of power of the U.S. capital on electricity supplied by wind power plant. At the same time, Apple Inc. has created a completely “green” the new data center.

Data Center from Apple

I must say that now 75 percent of all electricity consumed by offices, shops and manufactures Apple in the United States comes from renewable sources. But the new data center, which opened recently in the city of Maiden, North Carolina – is the first major facility of the corporation, which uses only “green” energy. To achieve this result, next to the data center from Apple had to build a huge solar power plant, which can produce so much energy that it would be enough to provide electricity to 17,600 private homes, and is a small town!

Moreover, these facilities owned by Apple, and develop further. This year will launch a new cluster of solar panels with a projected capacity of 20 MW. Apple is going to be powered from it its other facilities, located in North Carolina, thus becoming fully independent third-party sources of electricity.

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