Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

Gradually “aging” of the BlackBerry finally step up Nokia’s footsteps, went takeover situation.

  September 23 night, the company announced that BlackBerry has led Canada with Fairfax Financial consortium signed a letter of intent to acquire the latter bid was $ 9.00 per share, amounting to $ 4.7 billion, is expected Nov. 4 signed a definitive agreement.This is following Motorola Mobile, Nokia, the mobile phone giant has a traditional European faces fate of the acquisition.

  After all, the heyday of the U.S. and European markets enough to rival the Blackberry and Apple is how to come to the point where today so miserable?

1, high noon

  August 2007, the Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry heyday, its users exceeded 10 million, the share price reached $ 236 more historic / shares, worth more than 80 billion U.S. dollars.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

2, the founder of the heart “affairs of state”

  2007-2009, Blackberry founder and former co-CEO Jim Balsillie unintentional “affairs”, began keen on hockey. Even in January 2007 iPhone launch period, still only concerned about how to buy a hockey team! Until April 2010, BlackBerry was really aware of their smartphone business has been unable to compete with Apple.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

3, the first touch screen mobile phone released, it was too late

  November 2008, released the first touch screen mobile phone Blackberry STORM, compared with Apple iphone release, late a full 1 year and 10 months. Not only that, its first sales of only 100 million units, is the tenth iphone.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

4, in order to control the cost of layoffs 11%

  July 25, 2011, BlackBerry maker RIM layoffs and restructuring of senior officials level of 11%, the original BlackBerry Operating Officer Don – Morrison leave to retire. Foreign media analysis, said in a bid to control costs, change the financial deterioration of the situation.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

5, the two co-CEO was forced to resign

  January 2012, Blackberry company two co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie resigned pressure finally forced investors to serve as co-CEO and chairman positions.This period by Apple and Google Blackberry both shocks, troubled and can not be effectively addressed.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

6, the founder of the empty BlackBerry stock

  February 2013, founder and former CEO Balsillie empty your BlackBerry held 2,680,000 shares. At that time, the trading price of blackberry stock was 13.5 U.S. dollars / share, Balsillie With these stocks might get thrown millions of dollars revenue.Obviously to this time, even Balsillie I have lost confidence, are not optimistic about the development of the BlackBerry.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

7, the launch of the new Z10, dismal

  By the end of February 2013, an attempt to reverse the fate of Blackberry released flagship model Z10. But the market feedback abnormal cold, there are agencies estimate that the phone remain in the hands of dealers, the volume of more than 3 million units.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

8, hopeless situation, powerless

  August 2013, the Board announced the establishment of the Special Committee Blackberry, exploring a variety of strategic options, the company said it is considering the sale of self-help. During this period, blackberries stock suspension, large shareholders resignation, early release of the two phones could not change the dismal BlackBerry, RIM has been very difficult to help themselves through their own efforts.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

9, start the “fast” auction process

  September 5, 2013, the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying, Blackberry Board wishes to start the “fast” auction process, in order to promote the company prior to completion of the sale in November.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

 10, once again vigorously layoffs, CEO, CFO sell stocks

  September 20, 2013, beleaguered BlackBerry second quarter earnings release, expected net loss will reach 950 to 955 million U.S. dollars, and announced a layoff of about 40% worldwide. Documents show, Blackberry current CEO and CFO Biduerka Hines were sold on that day in their respective 51.1% of new home stock, cash or about $ 117,600 and $ 39,200.

  Canada’s Electronic Disclosure System documents show that Hines and Biduerka in the past few quarters to sell roughly the same time a similar proportion of the BlackBerry stocks. September 20 last year, two executives to 6.8517 Canadian dollars per share to sell a similar proportion of stocks.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

11, to $ 4.7 billion, “marry” Canadian consortium

  September 23, 2013, a tremendously popular BlackBerry behind the times because the pace is far behind Apple and eventually decline, the Canadian consortium $ 4.7 billion acquisition.

Graphic: Why Blackberry dead?

  At this moment, the small partner have finally found a major problem.

  That is, whenever the critical moment, the founder and CEO of the company in abandoned away, such enterprises can not die do?



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