Google released new version of Google Wallet application to cancel NFC rigid demand


Google on Tuesday released a new version for Android phones Google wallet (Google Wallet) applications, the biggest change is the abolition of the mandatory requirements for the NFC chip.

  In the NFC payment, users no credit card, just lightly touch the phone at NFC receiving device can be. However, due to limited NFC phone model (only Nexus and 12 other phone supports), so the poor sales, NFC payment of slow development.

  For Tuesday released a new version of Google Wallet application, to support the U.S. market all running Android 2.3 or higher version of Android devices, but not a few paragraphs before the NFC-enabled Android phones.

  Nevertheless, the new version of the application does not change its operating mode, you still need to complete the checkout via NFC checkout operation. For non-NFC-enabled smart phones, is now available free of charge to other users through the application for transfer, which also includes membership cards to certain transfers and other retailers. Transfers can be done by scanning a barcode, or enter your membership number is complete.

  Industry insiders say, is no longer needed since Google Wallet NFC support, Google has no reason to continue to restrict the Google Wallet application on your Android device. Because, if Google recently introduced iOS version of Google Wallet application, is not surprising.

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