Google new search engine has made significant changes over the last 13 years

google new search engine

google new search engine

A few days ago, Google unveiled its new search engine algorithm, which is called Hummingbird.This is the resource The New York Times.

Announcement updated engine Google was made specifically for 15th anniversary search engine and went into the garage, which founded Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) – founder of Google and Amit Singhal (Amit Singhal), who is vice president of information retrieval, in fact it and produced the announcement.

The new algorithm can now handle much longer and more complex queries, which are 90% of the requests, which is the Google search engine from the total.

Now updated engine Google can understand the meaning of words, and the relationship that is between them.This is a major innovation, especially when you consider that up to this point, the search engine Google issued the mostrelevant results, only if matched keywords.

The company says that the new algorithm was just necessary for at least two reasons.The first is that users in recent years have increasingly began to enter long and complex queries, and the second – this is what people use voice recognition long questions on their mobile and tablet devices.

As representatives of Google, you are the changes in the search engines have made a month ago, but not all users are able to notice a change.

I would also like to note that in 2012, Google launched a project that has the name of the Knowledge Graph.That is, a user enters a query on some popular personality, and search engines Google, right, gives him a different kind of information for this person.

Therefore, Google is doing a huge step towards semantic search, but unlike the project Knowledge Graph, revamped search engine algorithm will understand not only the relationship between the popular people and other objects, it is now understood any words that appear in the query generated by you .How will it affect the rankings now, so far no one knows.

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