Google Maps Upgrade Support Hotels

google hotels mapGoogle today announced the upgrade map products to support flights, hotels and hotel reservations to view, and more destinations to choose from. To view Google Maps products to fight the one-stop solution.

  After the upgrade, travelers can easily add multiple Google Maps destination, and the map also supports drag and drop functionality to add a destination. In addition, Google also added a “Rotate View” (view carousel), the user can view the destination on the same page streetscape and pictures, rather than as before, jump to another page.

  If consumers use the calendar and other Google products, so now these products with a higher degree of integration of the map. Users search for relevant routes and restaurants, you can view the route on the map page, hotels and restaurants reservations. Currently this feature is only available in the U.S., and is only available in English.

  Obviously, Google Maps product can hope to earn income in the future will be able to direct Google Maps flight and hotel reservations, which means that users on Google Maps pages or applications can plan their entire vacation.

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