Google: how to make video ad hits triple

googleToday video website advertising, duration and longer, so that users will gradually get tired and give up. By contrast, Google recently revealed a high level an interesting phenomenon: the mobile terminal, if provided to allow users to “skip” video ad options, the user clicks the probability of video advertising, but rather tripled.

  Google is responsible for displaying advertisements, vice president of product Mohan (Neal-Mohan) Tuesday at an industry conference in New York to make this statement.Allegedly, Google’s YouTube, launched in the mobile terminal pay per click video advertising products TrueView, YouTube provides a “skip” advertising option, click on a link, you can not look at advertising directly watch video content.

  Mohan said the advertising product deployment month, Google found that video advertising click-through rate is not to provide general product advertising skipped three times.

  According to introduction, in YouTube’s advertising products, 86% of the TrueView ads (including mobile terminal and PC terminal), another quarter of YouTube traffic has come from the smart phone and tablet.

  Predicted that Mohan, YouTube traffic from mobile devices will increase, since 2017, the number is expected to increase global flat billions. For video sites, the future for the advertisers to provide real-time click information will also become important.

  YouTube is a senior in June has revealed that the first half of the advertising revenue from the mobile terminal tripled, reaching $ 350 million. Analysts estimate that mobile advertising revenues are expected to account for one-fifth of YouTube advertising revenue to the quarter.

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