Google game console Nexus Orbit

Google game console

Google game console

If there is a company that can create a console that could compete with Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation, it is undoubtedly, Google . Google Game console Nexus Orbit , through which the player becomes part of the universe, Google, synchronizes with any Android-based gadget and all services of the company.

Game console, developed by Joseph Dumary, stands out among its peers possibility of selection of accessories: like a computer, Nexus Orbit can be improved, for example, adding memory or changing the processor order to comply with the system requirements of the latest games.

In addition, the console supports Google Glass and other Android devices for the convenience of gamers. Nexus Orbit also syncs with all the services of Google.

The system unit console size 180h180h180 mm, equipped with USB, LAN, HDMI and AC ports. The device is also used DPConnect technology to connect the console to multiple monitors without the use of wires. Thanks to the IPM (Intelligent Power Management), the console uses significantly less power than its counterparts.

Especially for the Nexus Orbit was created social network Google Social, with which you can chat with other players, publishers and developers, and participate in various competitions. Thanks to Google Orbit Translate, it is possible to communicate with gamers from around the world, despite the language barrier.


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